Teeth Cleaning

Let our Hygienists get the natural whiteness to shine through your teeth. Ultrasonic cleaners, and airflow air polishing will get your teeth looking their very best.

Our experts will clean all tea, coffee, food and tobacco stains from your teeth in just a few minutes.

You'll get a dazzling smile, also fight tooth decay, gum disease and improve your general health.

Recent research shows clean gums and teeth not only fight problems in your mouth, fighting bleeding gums will also stop bacteria getting into your bloodstream and causing problems in the rest of your body.

If you are nervous, we can offer you treatment sessions with our holistic hygienist, Maryam. She can relax you through holistic methods through your treatment, taking the pressure off. 

Probably the most chilled out hygienist session in London!

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For most people, one session will be enough, however if there is a lot of deposits on your teeth, further sessions may be needed to clean all. Your Westfield London Hygienist will advise you if you need further treatments.

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